Mentor Graphics, Mecel Team on AUTOSAR 4.x Solution

Mentor Graphics and Mecel have teamed together to develop the first complete AUTOSAR 4.x solution for the automotive marketplace. Their solution for the design, configuration, generation, and implementation of an AUTOSAR Basic Software (BSW) solution supports versions 4.0.2 and 4.0.3. Both Mentor Graphics and Mecel will sell the tools. Support for the tools will be provided by both companies to their respective customer bases. The products will be available this month.

The Mentor Graphics offering of AUTOSAR design tools includes the AUTOSAR BSW. The Mecel offerings feature Mecel Picea BSW, RTE and configuration tools. Mentor Graphics and Mecel implemented different portions of the configuration tool and software stack with jointly ensured interoperability. This allows both companies to offer the complete stack to their customers.

The AUTOSAR BSW solution includes the Volcano VSTAR product and the VSB configuration tool from Mentor Graphics. Mecel calls the AUTOSAR BSW product Mecel Picea Suite and the configuration tool Mecel Picea Workbench. As part of its offering, Mecel will also include consulting services to help automakers and suppliers create, configure, customize, and extend AUTOSAR-based systems.

AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) is an open and standardized automotive software architecture, jointly developed by automobile manufacturers, suppliers, and tool developers. AUTOSAR is currently the largest E/E (Electrical/Electronic) standardization project in the automotive industry. AUTOSAR in its current revision offers a very mature foundation for modular and reusable automotive electronic designs. The AUTOSAR design flow is rapidly becoming a new standard for E/E (Electrical/Electronic) design at car manufacturers and their supply chain and is being adopted by OEMs like BMW, Toyota, GM, and Daimler.

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