iDigi Telehealth Application Kit Connects Medical Devices to the Cloud

The iDigi Telehealth Application Kit, from Digi International, is a development kit that helps developers create cloud-connected medical devices. The kit makes it easy to create cloud-connected medical devices to improve quality of care. Through the iDigi Device Cloud, doctor’s can easily access and analyze patient data, set up alarms and alerts and store information. The iDigi Telehealth Application Kit will be available in January 2012 for $499.

Medical device manufacturers can use the iDigi Telehealth Application Kit to develop proof-of-concept prototypes of network connected medical devices. The kit features the Freescale Home Health Hub (HHH) reference circuit board and iDigi Device Cloud. The iDigi device enables medical devices to easily and securely integrate patient data into new, existing and custom healthcare applications.

The HHH reference board from Freescale Semiconductor enables wired and wireless connectivity to medical devices like blood pressure monitors, blood glucometers, pulse oximeters and scales. The HHH reference platform includes the hardware and software components necessary for connecting healthcare devices and user interfaces. It includes pre-validated secure connectivity with USB, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy and ZigBee medical-class grades, Wi-Fi, sub-1 GHz and Ethernet.

iDigi Telehealth Application Kit

  • Home Health Hub reference design circuit board
  • Panic Button reference design circuit board
  • Power supply and connector cables
  • Quick Start Guide, Linux and Windows Embedded Compact 7 BSPs
  • Downloadable software, documentation and iDigi sample applications
  • Design experts from Spectrum Design Solutions are available to provide complete design and development services, including assistance with product development and certification based on the HHH reference design

More info: iDigi Device Cloud