Mentor Graphics Offers JESD51-14 Compliant Thermal Characterization Solution

Mentor Graphics introduced an integrated solution for thermal characterization and simulation. The integrated solution features their T3Ster hardware test products with their FloTHERM software. The Mentor Graphics integrated T3Ster and FloTHERM solution helps accurate thermal simulation models. The thermal characterization solution is the only JESD51-14 compliant solution available on the market today. The integrated solution for efficient thermal package characterization is available now.

Mentor Graphics’ T3Ster hardware measurement and FloTHERM software simulation offers a combined methodology for optimizing heat management in devices, sub-systems and full systems. Manufacturers are able to optimize LED and IC package designs for effective heat dissipation. Once the device prototype is built, engineers can then characterize the device from a thermal perspective and build accurate models for use in FloTHERM thermal software simulations at both the sub-system and full system levels. Systems integrators can also further verify their heat management solutions with physical measurements using the T3Ster hardware.

The Mentor Graphics T3Ster tool is a leading advanced thermal transient tester for semiconductor device packages and LEDs. Mentor’s FloTHERM tool is the de-facto standard for electronics thermal simulation and analysis to predict airflow, temperature and heat transfer throughout electronics equipment including components, boards, and entire systems.

FloTHERM enables engineers to implement virtual prototypes using advanced CFD techniques to simulate airflow, temperature and heat transfer in electronic systems. By using accurate thermal analysis, engineers can evaluate and test designs automatically before physical prototypes are built. When combined with the T3Ster, engineers using the FloTHERM tool will benefit from both accurate thermal simulation models derived from real measurements and thermal package characterization testing.

T3Ster’s thermal package measurements, based on the resistance of the materials, can be used later for accurate model creation in FloTHERM software. The seamless process delivers fast, easy and accurate model creation; identifies product design defects; and enables manufacturing quality checking. The combined T3Ster tester and FloTHERM analysis software solution is compatible with other Mentor Graphics products.

JEDEC is the organization dedicated to microelectronics industry standards. The Mentor Graphics T3Ster advanced thermal characterization tester for semiconductor packages is the only commercially available product to fully implement the JEDEC JESD51-14 new measurement methodology standard for the junction-to-case thermal resistance of power semiconductor devices. The T3Ster test methodology ensures higher accuracy and repeatability compared to classical steady-state measurements based on older standards.

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