Magma Talus 1.2 IC Implementation Platform is 40% Faster

Magma Design Automation rolled out version 1.2 of their Talus integrated circuit implementation platform. Talus v1.2 features a runtime improvement of 40% and enhancing high-performance core design capabilities. Talus was architected to increase designer productivity, improve quality of results and reduce the development costs of advanced-node designs.

Talus 1.2 includes the Talus MX timing and extraction engines based on underlying technology from Tekton sign-off timer and QCP sign-off extractor. The analysis engines are fast, accurate and have high capacity. They include new features like advanced on-chip variation (AOCV) and MMMC analysis, which ensures tight timing correlation throughout the flow. When combined with Tekton and QCP, Talus v1.2 enables sign-off-accurate analysis during implementation, eliminating timing ECOs and resulting in faster design closure.

For implementation at 28 nm and below, it’s not uncommon for designs to require the analysis of many different timing scenarios. Magma defines timing scenarios as the number of process corners multiplied by the number of timing modes. Most solutions can only handle five to eight scenarios during implementation. Talus 1.2 performs concurrent MMMC on a single machine and can manage five times more scenarios than traditional solutions, while improving runtime by 10 times.

Talus v1.2 includes enhanced full-flow hold-corner planning and management to counter high OCV margins at smaller nodes. Combined data and clock optimization makes sure robust multi-corner clocks are maintained throughout the flow, simplifying final closure and avoiding ECO congestion.

Talus 1.2′s routing technology addresses routing challenges at 28 nm and below, where managing crosstalk in particular becomes more difficult. Fixing crosstalk too late in the flow results, at best, in higher cell area and elevated leakage. In the worst case, it results in a design that will not close. Talus 1.2 avoids this by identifying and controlling crosstalk throughout implementation, providing a much more convergent flow with far fewer timing surprises. Unlike other approaches, Talus 1.2 delivers far shorter runtimes and more robust designs, without increasing area and leakage.

More info: Magma Design Automation