XJTAG Development System v2.6 Features Automated Matching

XJTAG introduced the latest version of their development system. Version 2.6 of the XJTAG boundary scan software features automated matching capability, which will help engineers achieve even faster board set up times. XJTAG reduces test-development and debugging time for electronics system. The XJTAG Development System v2.6 is now available for a 30-day free trial.

XJTAG boundary scan software version 2.6

The new XJTAG boundary scan software features a new library that can auto-suggest the correct file based on the Bill of Materials (BOM) and net list information. This will enable even faster set-up times for engineers. The new library is simple to use and is pre-installed with thousands of device files.

After entering BOM information, engineers will be prompted to hit the Suggest button. This will then bring up a selection of possible files, including common logic devices and a broad range of other parts.

XJTAG v2.6 also features a new .NET interface and LabVIEW VIs to make it easier to integrate with third party test solutions. The new interfaces also make it possible to use formatted XJEase text output and to access the Layout Viewer.

More info: XJTAG