DiSTI GL Studio ES Software Toolkit for Embedded Systems

DiSTI introduced GL Studio ES (Embedded Systems), which is streamlined for the creation of interfaces for enhanced embedded applications. GL Studio ES software toolkit enables a seamless transition from prototyping, to testing and to the deployment of graphical interfaces on embedded systems. GL Studio ES bridges the gap in transitioning high performance interfaces, envisioned by the industrial designers, to a working reality without compromising visual fidelity or behavior.

DiSTI GL Studio ES (Embedded Systems) software toolkit

GL Studio ES will simplify the decision making process, and ensure the right tools are implemented to achieve the best embedded application. The embedded system solution includes optimized and portable interactive 2D and 3D display content for automotive dashboard and information displays, maritime instruments, industrial controls, consumer electronics and other appliances. GL Studio ES software toolkit features a C++ code generator, Data Director SDK for easily connecting data, a 3D Studio Max plug-in toolkit and a deployment capability for OpenGL ES (including Apple’s iOS).

Current GL Studio users now have the option to extend their existing interface designs into the embedded domain with a single unified code base. In addition, DiSTI is offering customers who purchase GL Studio ES or GL Studio DT at full price an additional license of the same package for 50% off. This promotion will provide developers with the necessary tools to maximize capability at an affordable cost. This limited time offer is only valid until January 15, 2012.

More info: DiSTI GL Studio Embedded Systems