Perforce 2011.1 Version Management System Features Streams

The latest release of Perforce Software’s version management system features Perforce Streams, which provide built-in, flexible workflow for effective team collaboration. Perforce Streams features code re-use, automated merging, fast context switching, efficient workspace updates, and inherited workspace and branch views. Perforce Streams are available now in the 2011.1 Perforce Server, and P4 and P4V clients.

Perforce Streams best practice branching strategies

The Perforce Streams model and the associated visualization tools give organizations more control and visibility over complicated software development projects. Perforce Streams offer a pre-defined branch-and-merge strategy based on Perforce’s own best practices, or companies can choose to adapt the Streams model to facilitate their own processes.

Perforce Streams intelligently organize project modules (such as software libraries) and the policies that govern their workflow. A stream contains metadata about a branch — its location in the depot, its parent branch, its stability (such as release or development) and more. This contextual information makes branching behavior more intuitive and visual, ensuring that change flows in the right direction, in the right order.

Perforce Streams Features

  • Model the flow of change
  • Fast context switching and in-place branching
  • Manage stream composition and dependencies
  • Inheritance: easy management of streams and workspaces
  • Best practices built in
  • Visual tools and structure increase productivity and reduce the learning curve
  • Flexible and agile

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