Mentor Graphics Capital Harness MPM Reduces Wire Harness Manufacturing Costs

Mentor Graphics introduced Capital Harness MPM, which is a part of their Capital tool suite for designing electrical systems and wire harnesses for the automotive, aerospace and defense industries. Capital Harness MPM helps wire harness manufacturers reduce production costs. Capital Harness MPM addresses a subject with high commercial impact, and further extends the digital continuity delivered by the Capital flow and addresses a major pain point for many engineers.

Capital Harness MPM addresses manufacturing process management by systematically models harness designs against production capabilities to create structured bill-of-materials data. This data is typically used to drive enterprise resource management (ERP) systems. The software offers important additional production engineering capability to Capital’s Define-Design-Build-Service flow.

Capital Harness MPM analyses harness designs against factory capabilities. The new Mentor tool helps identify what, where and how harnesses and their constituent sub-assemblies should be built. By accurately reflecting optimized manufacturing patterns, manufacturing costs can be reduced. Capital Harness MPM also helps minimize inventory and obsolescence costs and achieve economies of scale by identifying sub-assemblies that are common across different harness designs. In addition, the automation delivered helps minimize manufacturing engineering errors and cycle times, and reduces staff training costs.

Mentor Capital Harness MPM features a reasoning engine developed for the wire harness domain. The reasoning engine intelligently decomposes harness designs into hierarchical assembly steps that match production capabilities. Manufacturing intellectual property can be flexibly and securely captured using an extensible rules-based approach so that (for example) custom-built production equipment can be modeled. Design data created in the Mentor Capital HarnessXC, Capital ModularXC or VeSys Harness tools can be analyzed.

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