Medelec Medical Electronics Conference

Medelec, which is a medical electronics conference, will take place in Cambridge (UK) on November 29, 2011. The event focuses specifically on the increasingly important role that electronics components and embedded systems are playing in the design, development and manufacture of medical devices. Medelec includes technical seminars, workshops, demonstrations, and exhibits. The conference is ideal for electronics engineers and technical managers working in the clinical and healthcare sectors.

Medelec Topics

  • Lessons to be learned from ultra-paranoid industries (or why software matters)
  • Intel, Wind River and McAfee Security solution for embedded medical
  • Assisted living innovation platform
  • Main challenges in ExG measurement solved by silicon integration
  • Mitigating risk with IEC 62304 and proven medical device software development solutions
  • Advances in healthcare technology
  • Reducing costs when designing medical devices
  • Is your medical software really safe?
  • Maximising the potential of personal connected healthcare
  • Developing intuitive, dynamic and highly-performing UIS cost-effectively for life-saving medical devices
  • Keeping safe at C-neutralising the inherent dangers of the language with coding standards and guidelines
  • Utilising inertial measurement units to provide a platform for novel, cheap and easy to use gait analysis
  • The design process in surgical electronics
  • A multi-sensor approach to capturing bio-signals for interfacing with dynamic ambulatory medical systems
  • Medical device safety through software

More info: MEDELEC