Mentor Graphics Emulation Solutions for Verification of USB SuperSpeed 3.0

Mentor Graphics introduced emulation solutions to accelerate the verification of Universal Serial Bus (USB) SuperSpeed (3.0) products. The hardware and software solutions enable engineers to test USB SuperSpeed peripheral devices integrated on System-on-Chip (SoC) designs, and to develop and test their software drivers and firmware prior to silicon being available. The solution is available now for deployment.

The USB SuperSpeed verification solutions offer more flexibility, ease-of-use, and configurable test models for pre-silicon testing. The hardware and software solutions currently consists of iSolve USB SuperSpeed (3.0) Host Controller and Veloce USB 3.0 Host Transactor.

iSolve USB SuperSpeed Host Controller
This Mentor solution features a plug-and-play hardware interface to the Veloce family of hardware emulators. It is a cost-effective and efficient solution for verifying USB SuperSpeed peripherals that are part of an SoC design. The USB SuperSpeed Host Controller accelerates the verification of applications such as multimedia, networking, embedded systems, wireless, and storage devices.

Veloce USB 3.0 Host Transactor
This USB SuperSpeed solution is an accelerated simulation environment for the verification of USB SuperSpeed (3.0)-compliant devices. It generates the appropriate stimuli for the DUT, passing packets (or transactions) of protocol data for tests. The Mentor transactor also provides high-level Application Programming Interface (API) and example tests to model a test environment that can exercise the emulated USB SuperSpeed (3.0) device.

USB SuperSpeed Verification Solutions Highlights

  • High-performance, and easy-to-use system verification environments to develop new SoCs containing a USB SuperSpeed peripheral device
  • Industry-standard xHCI controller provides connection to Windows or Linux-based software environment for driver development
  • Standard USB SuperSpeed (3.0) PIPE interface to the emulated design in Veloce
  • Transactor solution that provide built-in SystemVerilog/OVM compliancy sequences used to check emulated USB SuperSpeed device compliancy to the protocol standard
  • Compliant to USB SuperSpeed (3.0) standard
  • Can be used with traditional in-circuit emulation (ICE) and as a high-performance, transaction-based acceleration modes of operation
  • Facilitates the smooth transition from a simulation-centric use model to in-circuit emulation

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