Mentor Graphics Valor MSS Business Intelligence for PCB Production Lines

Mentor Graphics introduced their Valor MSS Business Intelligence (BI) PCB design-through-manufacturing product suite. The Mentor Valor MSS BI features reports and analysis of the quality, asset utilization and materials management of their production execution. The Business Intelligence tool helps engineer managers to make intelligence-based decisions, improve production line execution, and reduce excess inventories. The Valor MSS Business Intelligence (BI) product suite is available now as an option if the Valor MSS suite of manufacturing execution support products.

Mentor Graphics Valor MSS Business Intelligence (BI) product suite

Mentor Valor MSS BI Features

  • Track each customer work-order as product moves through factory
  • Display current status of delivery against the due date
  • Identify bottleneck in the production flow
  • Provide secure environment for sharing web based reports
  • Track yield and DPMO at each process inspection or test station
  • Instantly trigger alerts with defined upper or lower control limits
  • Automatically generate quality reports on intervals you determine
  • Provide drill down analysis to determine root cause
  • Use of automated reports and alerts gives immediate visibility to the problem
  • Drill down reporting with drag and drop selection of dimensions and measures
  • Avoid wasting time and resources on chasing the wrong problems
  • Achieve compliance with customer requirements
  • Set up automated reports for traceability based on the PCB ID number, or component lot code/date code/reel ID
  • Minimize any recall exposure to only the affected product
  • Link the product performance at inspection and test to specific vendors and raw material date codes
  • Compare quality between SMT suppliers at the level of component reference designators on the PCB assembly
  • Quickly eliminate continued use of a bad component lot code, and isolate product built with a known bad component lot code
  • Track utilization data for each machine and line in the factory
  • Track performance data for each process asset
  • Associate and compare product quality with specific process assets

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