International SoC Conference

The 9th International System-on-Chip (SoC) Conference will take place November 2 and 3, 2011 at the Radisson Hotel Newport Beach, California. The SoC features technical presentations, exhibits, IEEE-OC Tech Job Fair, networking opportunities, panel discussions, keynotes, and IEEE-OC Student Design Contest. The International SoC Conference is ideal for engineers involved in designing new ICs or IPs on a worldwide basis.

SoC Conference Topics

  • A New Paradigm: Disruptive SoC Design and Market Strategies
  • Designing SoC That Speak The Same Language as the Nervous System
  • FPGA are Looking Up
  • Vision For Robots, Vehicles And Consumer Electronics: How Close Are We?
  • 3D: Where are we today; Where are we going; and How will you get there with us?
  • Emerging Technologies, Trends, and Possibilities in Designing Multicore SoC Platforms
  • Entrepreneurship and Technology: Dreams, Realities and Opportunities
  • SOI vs. CMOS for Analog and Digital Circuits – Technology, Trends, Challenges, and Emerging Applications
  • Analog and Mixed-Signal Design Trends and Challenges for Low-Power Embedded SoC Platforms
  • Green Chips: Technologies, Tools, and Methodologies in Designing Ultra Low-Power Multicore SoCs
  • Comparing SOI and Bulk Fully Depleted Devices such as FinFET and Planar CMOS
  • Compact SPICE Models for Next Generation Transistor Technology
  • SOI technologies at X-FAB and their application space
  • Status of Fully Depleted (FD) SOI Technology and Prospect of New Super Steep Cut Off FETs for Ultra Low Power and Harsh Applications
  • Challenges of Optical Network Technologies
  • The Technological Progress of MEMS-Based Clock Sources
  • Practices for Analog and Mixed-Mode Simulations Friendly Design Flow
  • Asynchronous Methodology and Architecture – The Future of SoC Design
  • The Value of Integrating 3D Audio Into SoC Designs
  • Performance and Efficiency of 3D-Stacked DRAM on Multi-core SoCs
  • Using the Marching Memory concept to avoid the Memory Bottleneck
  • Fault-Tolerance and QoS for Network-on-Chip Based Multicores
  • Customizable SoCs: Two Worlds Collide
  • Fusion APU and Trends/Challenges in Future Processor Design
  • Challenges and Architecture of a 200-Gigabit Network Processor
  • The Three R’s: Reliability, Redundancy and Reconfiguration
  • 4G SoC Technology Innovation, from 150Mb UL small cell to 100Gb EPC
  • Dynamically Heterogeneous Cores Through 3D Resource Pooling
  • Greening Multicore – Maximizing Performance/Watt Embedded Multicore Software Development – Lessons from the Trenches

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