SpringSoft Verdi Automated Debug System Integrates with Vennsa OnPoint Root Cause Analysis

SpringSoft and Vennsa Technologies teamed together to integrate the SpringSoft Verdi Automated Debug System and Vennsa OnPoint Root Cause Analysis. The seamless interoperability between the two tools enables engineers to increase verification productivity and decrease the chip debug burden. The integrated Verdi and OnPoint platform is available now.

The integrated solution results in a single flow for root cause analysis and visualization. These tasks were previously disconnected and disparate. Engineers run simulation tests as usual and generate value dump files into the Verdi FSDB (fast signal database) for failures they want to debug. OnPoint automatically reads in all the appropriate files and settings needed from the Verdi system and FSDB file to perform its unique reasoning and automated root cause analysis. The output of OnPoint is a set of suspects, or lines in the source code, that the engineer can change in order to fix the failure.

When engineers are ready to view the results, OnPoint’s suspect viewer showing the root cause of the failures is invoked in the debugging environment. The Verdi source code viewer (nTrace), schematic view (nSchema), and waveform viewer (nWave) are synchronized with OnPoint’s suspects. When considering one of OnPoint’s suspects, all of the Verdi views, features and related information are automatically presented to engineers in the familiar, intuitive fashion. The Verdi-OnPoint integration creates a robust debug and route cause analysis platform that enables engineers to see OnPoint results and quickly make the fixes required to rectify failures. Engineers can expect a considerable boost in debug efficiency as they spend significantly less time and effort trying to understand why failures occur.

The Verdi-OnPoint integrated ecosystem offers design and verification engineers a unified push-button flow for functional debugging, root cause analysis and design navigation. The Verdi system helps users navigate the design and verification environment to efficiently understand its intricacies, while OnPoint performs automated post-failure analysis of verification errors and localizes the source of errors with no user interference.

More info: SpringSoft | Vennsa Technologies