octoFade Software Library for Adding IEEE 802.11n Channel Emulation Logic

octoScope introduced octoFade software, which includes a library that implements IEEE 802.11n standard channel models. The software library enables test equipment manufacturers and integrators to add channel emulation to test instruments used to test MIMO (up to 4×4) or conventional radios. Channel modeling is used for emulating real-life wireless environments in the lab to test wireless products, including 802.11n, 802.11ac and cellular/LTE radios, to assess radio performance in the presence of multipath and Doppler fading. octoFade software with IEEE 802.11n models is available now.

octoScope octoFade software library for adding IEEE 802.11n channel emulation logic to wireless test equipment

octoFade Highlights

  • Fully implemented and rigorously verified software library of 802.11n channel models
  • Enables testing of MIMO radios in an emulated environment where the radios are subjected to controlled hostile conditions such as motion and multipath
  • Available as C source code or binary code
  • Can be ported to FPGAs or parallel processing computing platforms, such as GPUs (graphics processing units) for real-time low-cost channel emulation
  • Enables test equipment manufacturers and integrators to cost effectively and easily add channel emulation to test instruments used to test MIMO (up to 4×4) or conventional radios
  • Can be used with existing programmable logic (FPGAs) of wireless test equipment
  • FPGA capacity for channel emulation can be added for less than 5% of the cost of integrating an off-the-shelf emulator into the testbed
  • Engineers can use octoFade software to generate files of IQ test patterns for simulation or for real-time streaming into the radio receivers being tested
  • Can operate in the National Instruments LabVIEW environment and as a CLI (command line interface) application in the Windows and Linux environments
  • API (Applications Programming Interface) C code can be compiled into different library formats, such as Windows Win32 dynamic-link library (.dll) or Linux shared library (.so)
  • 802.11ac channel models coming soon

More info: octoScope