QA&TEST International Conference on Software Testing and Quality Assurance for Embedded Systems

QA&TEST is an international conference on software testing and quality assurance for embedded systems. The event is an active forum for the exchange of experiences and expertise. It is based on real experiences and innovative applications of methods and technologies. The conference is ideal for directors, programme managers, project managers, and testing professionals who work in the field of the software quality and testing. QA&TEST 2011 will take place 26-28 October in Bilbao, Spain.

QA & TEST 2011 Topics

  • Testing and Certification — the Bottom-line’s Best Friends
  • Leading and Collaborating: Presenting a Soft Skills Toolkit for Testers
  • QA Team: Security Heroes or Zeros?
  • SDLC Quality and Testing Aspects in Embedded RT Systems
  • UML Testing Profile — Lingua franca for Testers and Developers?
  • Puzzles in Software Testing — multiple roles
  • Continuous Quality Improvement using Root Cause Analysis
  • Delivering to Values
  • Mobile Devices Themes Verification and Validation Process
  • Critical Infrastructure Assessment Techniques to Prevent Threats and Vulnerabilities
  • DNA of a Tester: Foolishness or Wisdom
  • (E2)Q + p + P = TW
  • Runaway Test Automation Project — Alert Signals and Counter Measures
  • Pushing the Boundaries of User Experience Test Automation
  • Test Automation for Mobile Platform and Applications
  • Taming the Android Unit Testing Tiger
  • When Risk Based Testing becomes a gamble
  • Automated Reliability Testing via hardware interfaces
  • Improving SW Reliability — because patients rely on our systems
  • Total continuous integration
  • Quality Embedded (develop software with quality)
  • Towards Model-Based Test Automation in Embedded Systems
  • Tiempo
  • Getting the best out of developers and testers

More info: QA&TEST International Conference