Symtavision SymTA/S 3.0 and TraceAnalyzer 3.0 for Integrated Timing Analysis

Symtavision rolled out SymTA/S 3.0 and TraceAnalyzer 3.0. The latest version of system-level tools features round-trip support for model- and trace-based timing analysis in a seamless environment with a consistent user interface. The model-based design and trace-based verification tools improve design productivity and quality when planning, evolving, implementing and verifying embedded real-time systems.

SymTA/S 3.0 and TraceAnalyzer 3.0 Highlights

  • Seamlessly integrated system-level tools for model-based design and trace-based verification
  • Improves efficiency and reliability for the dimensioning, optimization, regression-testing, and verification of controllers and networks
  • Focuses on load, task and message latencies, system schedulability, end-to-end timing, and data consistency to ensure system correctness
  • Full, round-trip support for model- and trace-based timing analysis
  • Controller or network traces can quickly merge into existing SymTA/S models
  • Engineers can start from traces and then change the system configuration virtually to predict the performance impact of additional tasks or messages, different scheduling strategies or faster hardware
  • Designs can be quickly iterate many times for both new developments and evolutionary extension and optimization of existing systems
  • Ideal for automotive, aerospace, automation and other performance- and safety-critical systems
  • SymTA/S 3.0 features improved Distribution Analysis for determining timing statistics and the probability of deadline violations
  • SymTA/S 3.0 also includes direct CAN-ID support with both hexadecimal and decimal visualization, and assign priority values for CAN bus configuration
  • The Report Generator has been enhanced to provide a Difference Report between two system revisions enabling engineers to undertake what-if analysis more easily
  • AUTOSAR XML import function supports shared variables
  • Communication Overhead Analysis capability supports multi-core controllers
  • TraceAnalyzer 3.0 include improved external tool integration
  • TraceAnalyzer 3.0 supports Vector Informatik’s new FlexRay trace/log file format and CAN multi-channel for CANoe ASC trace/log file import interface
  • New Report Generator features the technology common to SymTA/S

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