Mentor Graphics Calibre YieldEnhancer Supports SmartFill Functionality

Mentor Graphics is teaming with TSMC on a SmartFill solution for TSMC’s manufacturing processes starting at 65nm. As a result of the collaboration, Calibre YieldEnhancer product will support SmartFill functionality. The analysis and automatic filling capabilities of the SmartFill solution enables engineers to achieve IC fill constraints with minimal impact on circuit performance in a single pass without manual customization or modification.

SmartFill integrates the full range of the Mentor Calibre analysis engines into the fill process to achieve fully optimized fill without manual iterations. It provides advanced capabilities such as multi-layer fill shapes and the ability to add fill cells, which are automatically inserted into a layout based on analysis of the design.

SmartFill uses continuous, multi-dimensional functions in place of linear pass-fail conditions, enabling finer resolution of complex fill algorithms that cannot be performed with single-dimensional design rules alone. This enables designers to optimize for multiple factors such as density and perimeter.

Because SmartFill employs standard Calibre interfaces, it fits seamlessly into the engineer’s existing design environment. It supports timing aware fill with back annotation of fill shapes into all industry leading design databases to enable final timing verification. It also allows designers to provide a list of critical nets that receive special treatment during the fill procedure.

SmartFill is designed to handle the new fill requirements of TSMC’s most advanced process technologies. SmartFill provides engineers with a solution that helps them to generate fill that has been optimized to their specific design and cycle time needs, while still achieving TSMC’s advanced fill requirements.

More info: Mentor Graphics | TSMC