iDigi Gateway Development Kit for 3G Cellular Connectivity

Digi International announced the iDigi Gateway Development Kit with 3G cellular connectivity. The iDigi Gateway Development Kit is designed to make it easy to setup a ZigBee network, upload a custom iDigi Device Integration Application (iDigi Dia) and provide seamless connectivity to the iDigi Device Cloud for Web services integration to standard business applications over the Internet. Kits are available now. Prices start at $499.

iDigi Gateway Development Kit with 3G cellular connectivity

iDigi Gateway Development Kit Highlights

  • ConnectPort X4 ZigBee to Ethernet (or cellular/WiMAX) gateway
  • Digi XBee Smart Plug (non-US versions substitute XBee Range Extender)
  • Battery-powered XBee temperature/light sensor
  • Digi ESP Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for iDigi Dia/Python development
  • Related cables, batteries and power supply
  • Connect remote devices wirelessly over cellular networks and integrate into a cloud environment
  • Supports Sprint, Verizon, AT&T Wireless, Vodafone and other global 3G GSM networks
  • Jump-start application development with prepackaged kit
  • Learn how to discover and configure devices in a ZigBee network
  • Read temperature and light values from the ZigBee network via iDigi Device Cloud
  • Provide IP connectivity (Ethernet or cellular/WiMAX) to the ZigBee network with a ConnectPort X4 gateway
  • Google App Engine platform and supporting code provide a simple example of a business application working with iDigi

More info: Digi International