Wind River Test Management 4.0 with Dynamic Instrumentation Technology

Wind River launched version 4.0 of their Wind River Test Management for monitoring, executing and managing embedded device software testing. Wind River Test Management 4.0 enables test coverage at the branch and block level, working directly on optimized production binaries. The full-featured test automation system identifies high-risk segments in production code, enabling optimized testing that focuses just on changes between builds.

Wind River Test Management 4.0 Features

  • Patented dynamic instrumentation technology
  • Enables test coverage at the branch and block level
  • Works directly on optimized production binaries
  • Helps analyze production code to understand changes between builds
  • System highlights areas of the application that are impacted by changes
  • Focuses testing resources on higher-risk segment
  • Automatic Test Suite Generator module acts as a Decision Support System
  • Reduces risk and test cycles
  • Creates an enhanced test suite according to customer defined rules and constraints
  • Provides an open framework for custom integration to any third-party test management, defect tracking, and requirement management application
  • Specific integration add-ons for IBM Rational Quality Manager, IBM DOORS, IBM ClearQuest and HP Quality Center
  • Complete device reservation and scheduling system as part of the Virtual Lab Manager (VLM)
  • Enables future device reservations and a visual scheduler
  • Test case versioning for test cases and scripted test components
  • Preserves change history to support various regulatory standards for auditing and access control
  • Support for systems with short time frame “watchdog” or “heartbeat” utilities
  • Improves scalability and response time to enable the instrumentation of 70,000 functions in less than one second

More info: Wind River Test Management 4.0