Real-Time & Embedded Computing Conferences – Irvine and San Diego

The Real-Time & Embedded Computing Conference (RTECC) will take place in Irvine, California on August 23, 2011 and in San Diego on August 25th. The San Diego RTECC event is co-located with the new MEDS – Medical Electronic Device Solutions Conference (covers home diagnostics and institutional healthcare imaging). RTECC events cover industrial control and automation, military and aerospace, telecommunications / telephony, vehicular control and maintenance, consumer electronics, data communications, process control, and embedded appliances.

RTECC Topics

  • The New Normal for Consumer User Interfaces (Irvine only)
  • Measure Quality and Quantify Reliability of Critical Embedded Software
  • Driving Innovation into Embedded Applications through Technology
  • Which Two Will Your Team Pick? – High Quality Software, On Time Delivery, or within Budget?
  • Using Statecharts and Model-Based Design to Prototype Real-Time Controls
  • Embedded Software Testing Strategies
  • A Hybrid Approach to Real-Time Embedded Control
  • ThreadX RTOS and Sage Tools for the AMD G-Series APU
  • Using PCI Express GEN2 and PCI as High Speed Network Interconnects
  • From MATLAB to C: Going from Algorithm to Implementation with MATLAB Coder
  • Beyond Virtualization: the MontaVista Approach to Multi-core SoC Resource Allocation and Control
  • PCIe Over Cable – What Can It Save You???
  • Creating and Debugging Linux Applications on ARM Processors with Open-Source Tools
  • Lower Development Costs and Improve Time-to-Market with Real-Time Hardware in the Loop (HIL) Simulation
  • 30 System Enclosure Tips for Success (Irvine only)
  • Testing Smarter, not Longer: A New Approach to Embedded Device Testing (Irvine only)
  • High-Performance Systems (Irvine only)
  • Deploying Virtex-6 FPGA-based Real-time Processing Systems (Irvine only)
  • Advances in Shelf Management (Irvine only)
  • The Imperative for Innovation (San Diego only)
  • Evaluating New Embedded I/O Options for Monitoring and Control (San Diego only)
  • Expediting Device Approvals and Mitigating Risk with IEC 62304 and Domain-Specific Technologies (San Diego only)
  • Developing Intuitive, Dynamic and Highly-Performing UIs Cost-Effectively for Life-Saving Medical Devices (San Diego only)
  • Achieving FDA Software Validation Compliance (San Diego only)
  • iPad vs. Android – Which is Best for Your Medical Device Application? (San Diego only)
  • Achieving Software Compliance for Medical Devices – Improving your Software Engineering Process without Breaking the Budget or Project Timeline (San Diego only)
  • Verifying Software in FDA Certified Medical Devices (San Diego only)
  • Memory Management for Embedded Systems (San Diego only)
  • When Open Source Doesn’t Mean Open Door – Secure and Hardened Linux Protecting Your Embedded Devices (San Diego only)

Register: RTECC – Irvine, CA | RTECC – San Diego, CA