Ohmpoint System Magneto Transport Measurement System

The Ohmpoint Measurement System, from Rhomap, is a magneto-transport measurement tool that offers a range of software selectable sample connection probe geometries in one system. The instrument enables engineers to measure resistance in two or four point geometry, sheet resistance and magneto-transport behaviourm (including Hall effect and magnetoresistance). Rhomap is a spin-out from the Durham University’s physics department.

Rhomap Ohmpoint System Magneto Transport Measurement System

Ohmpoint System Features

  • Magneto-transport measurement system
  • Optimized for measurements on samples where high signal to noise ratios are of importance
  • Magneto-transport measurements for a wide range of samples from bulk to nanoscale devices
  • Combines optimal measurement functionality with a user-friendly interface, while maintaining research level sensitivity
  • Integrated measurement hardware and control software modules
  • Can be used with a wide range of materials and sample geometries
  • Integrated sample holders for measuring a range of magnetoresistance samples
  • Supports linear two or four-point configuration, van der Pauw geometry, and micro or nanoscale structures, such as nanowires, using spring contacts or wire bonded connections
  • Hardware and software modules for Hall effect measurements — enables transport properties of semiconductors to determined
  • Both the hardware and software for the Ohmpoint system are modular
  • Integration of additional measurement functionality is easy
  • Enables engineers to easily select between individual measurements and batch scanning of multiple samples
  • System is controlled through the bespoke MeasureR software interface

More info: Rhomap