International Conference on Silicon Epitaxy and Heterostructures

International Conference on Silicon Epitaxy and Heterostructures (ICSI) will take place in Leuven, Belgium, from Monday, August 29th to Thursday, September 1st, 2011. Imec, Katholieke Universiteit (KU Leuven), CEA-Leti, and the University of Liege are co-hosting the forum. In addition, Imec will hold a workshop on GeSn with KU Leuven and University of Nagoya, Japan on Friday, September 2nd.

The 7th International Conference on Silicon Epitaxy and Heterostructures reviews and examines novel developments in physics and device technologies for silicon (Si) epitaxy, heterostructures and nanostructures.

ICSI-7 Topics

  • Growth, Characterization and Modeling of Si and Group IV (C, Si, Ge, Sn) based Thin Film Materials including research on various interfaces on Si
  • Formation and Characterization of Group IV based Nanostructures including quantum dots, nanowires and self-assembly processes
  • Process Technologies for Group IV based Heterostructures including doping
  • Source/drain and channel engineering as well as strained Si
  • Electronic Properties and Device Applications such as transistors and nano-structured devices
  • Optical Properties and Device Applications including solar cells of Si and Ge based heterostructures
  • Germanium based semiconductor… from materials to devices
  • Si(Ge)-based materials growth and device fabrication for spintronics such as spin polarized electron injection, transport, and manipulation, as well as other electron spin based phenomena
  • Growth, characterization and applications of epitaxial (high-k) dielectric materials
  • Emerging technologies: Hetero-Epitaxial film growths on SiGe and characterization (Graphene, III-V and others materials)

More info: ICSI-7 Forum