Vector Fabrics vfThreaded-x86 for Parallelizing Multi-core x86 Applications

Vector Fabrics introduced their vfThreaded-x86 cloud-based software tool. vfThreaded-x86 facilitates the optimization and parallelization of applications for multi-core x86 architectures. It is ideal for software developers that write performance-centric code such as for high-performance computing, scientific, industrial, video or imaging applications. Pricing is based on a subscription fee that includes technical support. License fees start from €175 a month.

vfThreaded-x86 Features

  • Cloud-based software service and is accessed with a standard web browser
  • Runs in the highly secure Amazon EC2 cloud
  • Runs under Windows, Linux and Apple
  • Easy to deploy and seamlessly upgraded
  • Optimizes and parallelizes applications for multi-core x86 architectures
  • Ideal for high-performance computing, scientific, industrial, video or imaging applications
  • Reduces the time and risks of optimizing code for the latest multi-core x86 processors
  • Automates manual parallelization process
  • Dynamic and static code analysis techniques
  • Quickly analyzes code
  • Guides developers to make the right choices for partitioning code to separate cores
  • Examines cache hit/miss effects, data bandwidth to memories and bandwidth between individual code sections
  • Easy to use and intuitive graphical user interface
  • Provides code visualizations that highlight code hotspots and dependencies that might require partitioning trade-offs
  • Models and predicts code performance improvements prior to altering the code
  • Saves a developer’s time trying code changes on an ad-hoc trial basis
  • Point-and-click performance analysis feature
  • Quickly identifies productive code changes
  • Dependency analysis function avoids data races
  • Promotes a correct-by-construction approach to multi-core development

More info: Vector Fabrics vfThreaded-x86