GE Advanced Multiprocessor Integrated Software, Version Five

GE Intelligent Platforms rolled out version five of their Advanced Multiprocessor Integrated Software (AXIS). AXIS is a development environment for the design, creation, testing and deployment of complex DSP and multiprocessing platforms for real-time applications. AXIS is ideal for radar, sonar, communications and image processing.

AXIS Version 5 Highlights

  • New features designed to maximize ease of use, flexibility and performance
  • Highly integrated hardware and software platform
  • Supports GE’s latest multicore and many-core hardware platforms
  • Supports single board computers featuring 2nd Generation Intel Core i7 processors
  • Supports Power Architecture processors from Freescale
  • Supports NVIDIA’s CUDA GPGPU (general purpose processing on graphics processing units) technology
  • Enables designers to take advantage of the latest processing technology from Freescale, Intel and NVIDIA
  • Reduces time and cost to develop high performance computing applications
  • Helps create solutions that are more easily portable from one hardware generation or architecture to another

AXIS increases productivity, improves performance, reduces cost, optimizes software code portability and reduces program risk and time-to-market. It also eases the upgrade path for technology insertions. The AXIS software suite includes an integrated graphical user interface. AXISView, provides task level programming for algorithm development and system visualization. The developer exploits an iterative application development cycle allowing the user to benchmark routines and tune the system architecture to meet performance requirements.

In addition, AXISFlow provides a high performance interprocessor communication library for high throughput, low latency data movement across multiple fabrics (PCI Express, Gigabit Ethernet, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, Serial RapidIO etc.) scaling from one to many CPU nodes across a single board, multiple boards in a single chassis and multiple system chassis.

AXISLib provides DSP and math function libraries to support very high performance signal and data processing routines with a standard VSIPL wrapper as well as a faster RSPL API for optimum performance and portability across multiple processor platforms. Generic C versions of the libraries are also available.

More info: GE Intelligent Platforms AXIS