RapidRollout Workbench for Creating Operating Systems for Apps

RapidRollout introduced their Workbench web-based tool. Workbench enables developers to create a customized operating system for their applications. The tool helps developers configure and build a complete platform image in less than an hour. Access to Workbench is free. New accounts receive ten free build credits that can be used to complete small projects or evaluate the RapidRollout system for use in a larger project. The operating system itself is 100% open source and free of charge. There is no lock-in mechanisms.

RapidRollout Workbench Features

  • Variety of operating system features are available for configuration (ie: networking, audio and video, and the graphical user interface)
  • Add-on web configuration application can configure individual devices (similar to the web interfaces for networking equipment)
  • Build a ready-to-deploy image in under fifteen minutes
  • No experience with specialized or embedded operating systems is required
  • Developers select how the application should be run
  • Supports multimedia applications
  • Supports cross-platform application technologies (including Java and standards-based web content)
  • Custom boot graphic can be uploaded for branding
  • 100% open-source and royalty-free
  • Access to Workbench is free
  • New accounts receive 10 free build credits
  • Engineers can create as many platforms as they wish
  • Subscription accounts receive a fixed number of build credits monthly
  • Subscription accounts have access to features not available to pay-per-build accounts

More info: RapidRollout