Sigasi 2.0 Starter Edition for Free

Sigasi is releasing a free Starters Edition of their Sigasi HDT design entry and code comprehension tool. The starters edition was designed to replace traditional text editors like Vi and Emacs. Sigasi 2.0 Starters Edition will be permanently available free of charge. The second generation of their IDE tool for the VHDL language has been in public beta for three months.

Sigasi 2.0 Starters Edition

According to Sigasi, engineers with small designs will also get the full functionality of the upcoming Sigasi 2.0 Pro Edition for free. That includes rename refactorings, mouse-over hovers, as-you-type error markers and project navigation. A small project contains less than 200 statements. STD and IEEE libraries provided by Sigasi are not included in the count. For larger projects, designers can upgrade from the Starter Edition to the Pro Edition if they choose to do so.

Sigasi is giving away the Starters Edition for free to help shape the upcoming Sigasi 2.0 Pro Edition. Users of the Starter Edition will be asked to send debug and profile information back to Sigasi. Developers will be able to inspect the data that gets sent back to Sigasi to ensure confidentiality. Getting debug info (stack dumps) back from a large user base helps improve the tool

Download: Sigasi 2.0