Mentor Embedded Linux Platform Supports Freescale QorIQ AMP Processors

Mentor Graphics and Freescale Semiconductor teamed together to develop a unified workflow methodology for embedded Linux-based development. Mentor Embedded Linux platform, open source tools and services now support Freescale’s Advanced Multi-Processing Series of QorIQ multicore processors. The AMP Series includes 28nm geometries and a new, multi-threaded 64-bit Power Architecture e6500 core with AltiVec technology. The Freescale AMP Series is ideal for networking, industrial and aerospace/military applications.

Mentor Embedded Linux Platform for Freescale AMP Series of QorIQ Processors

  • Unified workflow methodology for embedded Linux-based development
  • Improves productivity and device performance
  • Enables engineers to create customized applications with reduced risk
  • Fully integrated and vendor-independent solution
  • Helps project teams move seamless from prototyping on reference hardware to custom-designed hardware running on commercial Linux and advanced development tools
  • Streamlines development of embedded multicore applications with greater efficiency and reliability
  • Common build methodology and core optimizations
  • Enables development teams to move to a supported, full-featured commercial distribution with minimal impact to the overall project
  • Unified engineering methodology that helps mutual customers

More info: Mentor Embedded Linux