Altium Satellite Vault for Electronic Product Design Data Management

Altium introduced the Altium Satellite Vault server application. Altium Satellite Vault is a server-based software application for creating secure, fully managed design data repositories (Satellite Vaults). The tool enables collaborative management of electronic design data across the design, procurement and manufacturing spaces. The Satellite Vault server is included as part of the Altium Subscriber plan ($1,500 USD annually).

Altium Satellite Vault Highlights

  • Server-based software application
  • Can be local-, LAN-, WAN- or cloud-hosted
  • Secure, fully managed design data repositories
  • Enables collaborative management of electronic design data for design, procurement and manufacturing
  • Designers and companies can manage and share design and release data easily
  • Satellite Vaults can be accessed directly from within Altium Designer 10 or via a web browser
  • Design content is automatically validated when released to a Vault from Altium Designer
  • Vault items typically represent reusable design content, components and released designs for fabrication of bare-boards and electronic assemblies
  • Enables designers to reuse design data with full confidence
  • Vaults provide intelligent links to the supply chain
  • Altium Satellite Vault is one of three Vault systems under development by Altium
  • Other two options include Managed and Enterprise Vault Servers
  • Enterprise Vault server will offer a fully independent Vault service for those companies where internet access outside the enterprise LAN/WAN is impractical or not possible
  • Managed Vault system provides cloud-based vaults that are hosted and managed entirely within AltiumLive as an on-demand service

More info: AltiumLive