StarVision PRO Integrated Debugging Tool for AMS and Digital Design

Concept Engineering introduced StarVision PRO, which is an integrated debugging cockpit for A/MS and digital design. StarVision PRO makes analysis and debugging of complex SoC and IC designs easy and more transparent. StarVision PRO provides engineers with the ability to quickly and easily understand and debug mixed-mode designs and to integrate IP building blocks into complex SoCs and ICs.

Concept Engineering StarVision PRO integrated debugging cockpit for A/MS and digital design

StarVision PRO Features

  • RTL-level, gate-level and SPICE-level in one integrated debugging and visualization tool
  • Interactive design navigation window shows schematic fragments of the critical portion of the design
  • Also includes links to the original source code fragments (RTL, Netlist, SPICE) and to simulation result
  • Clock Tree Extraction — automatically extracts and analyzes clock trees and gives an immediate view of clock network and clock domains
  • Waveform Viewer and Signal Tracing — fully integrated waveform browser and with support for interactive signal tracing in the source code, schematic view and waveform window
  • Compiles VCD simulation data into a high-speed format for accelerated waveform browsing and signal tracing (accelerated VCD viewer)
  • Path Extraction — customizable path extraction engine can automatically identify and extract critical paths in a design
  • Built-in automatic logic recognition engine creates digital logic symbols from pure SPICE-level netlists for easy design exploration
  • Engineers can write API code to analyze the design data and generate user-specific design reports and design checks
  • Able to analyze RTL-level, gate-level and transistor-level at the same time in one debug cockpit

More info: Concept Engineering StarVision PRO (pdf)