Capital Level Manager, Capital ModularXC and Capital Publisher Tools

Mentor Graphics’ Capital product suite now includes three new tools that extend both the upstream and downstream flows. The new tools are Capital Level Manager, Capital ModularXC, and Capital Publisher. The new Capital products improve configuration complexity, harness manufacturing and vehicle documentation and maintenance. Capital Level Manager, Capital ModularXC and Capital Publisher are ideal for platform OEMs, wire harness manufacturers and service organizations. The new tools expand the Capital product range well beyond electrical system and wire harness design into an extended Define-Design-Build-Service capability.

Capital Level Manager

  • Minimizes costs caused by configuration complexity
  • Based on a feature-led design paradigm
  • Provides a quantitative link between marketing and engineering
  • Numerical feedback of configuration complexity and the resultant costs
  • Configuration simplification via a process known as give-away is supported
  • Ideal for the early stage platform definition phase of a project
  • Can also be used during the production design phase
  • Helps mitigate the configuration complexity impact of new optional features

Capital ModularXC

  • Improves configuration complexity management
  • Supports composite (superset) paradigm
  • Focuses on the alternative modular process where multiple configurations are constructed from harness fragments related to optional features
  • Automates definition of the fragments
  • Ensures compatibility
  • Manages additional components: implementing the spelling rules of modular design
  • Can be combined with the existing Capital technology called modular synthesis to implement a highly automated, front-to-back modular flow
  • Can be applied to the manufacturing engineering domain
  • Captures the sub-assemblies’ syntax to ensure the correct harness bill-of-materials is always created
  • Complements the existing Capital tools targeted at harness manufacturing tasks, such as formboard design

Capital Publisher

  • Accelerates electrical system documentation and vehicle service and repair
  • Streamlines technical publications preparation
  • Assembles electrical design information such as schematics, wire lists and location views into rich, formatted electronic documentation packages
  • Combines diagram synthesis and styling
  • Supports electrical design data from the upstream Capital design tools or from third-party products
  • Electrically intelligent application
  • Validates and/or repartitions incoming information
  • Reflects as-built (as distinct from as-designed) data
  • Intuitive and highly productive environment for service technicians
  • Simplify troubleshooting of complex electrical systems
  • Functionality includes capabilities such as signal tracing and related object navigation
  • Delivered as a zero software installation
  • Can integrate with diagnostics systems
  • Data presented can be made vehicle-specific for different vehicle configurations

More info: Mentor Graphics Capital Product Suite