LDRA and DDC-I Seminars: Certifying to the Highest Levels of DO-178B/C

LDRA and DDC-I are offering two seminars on developing safety-critical software to the highest levels of DO-178B/C certification. The events will take place in Boston, MA (Wednesday, June 15) and Montreal, Canada (Thursday, June 16). The seminars will outline practical techniques for meeting project timelines and cost targets when certifying up to the highest levels of DO-178B/C. LDRA and DDC-I will also explain the key differences in the new DO-178C standard that can yield significant productivity improvements in software process.

DO-178B/C Certification Topics

  • New objectives and guidance for DO-178C
  • How to establish effective safety-critical software processes for maximum success and minimum cost
  • How to use object-oriented technologies, formal methods and model-based development with DO-178C
  • How to design safer, more reliable and maintainable embedded software
  • Techniques for automating hand code development and verification
  • Understanding requirements engineering objectives in DO-178B and DO-178C
  • Changes to requirements traceability from DO-178B to DO-178C
  • How to minimize software testing redundancy and overkill
  • How to manage audit risk, the biggest risk to schedule and budget

The seminars are ideal for project managers, software engineers, systems engineers, software technical leads, verification engineers, process engineers, engineering managers, and business development managers. The seminars will be presented by Bill StClair (LDRA) and Tim King (DDC-I). StClair is a working member of the DO-178C plenary and its Object-Oriented Technology subgroup. King has over 20 years experience developing and marketing commercial avionics and RTOS software.

Seminar Registration: Certifying to the Highest Levels of DO-178B/C