Migrate from eASIC Nextreme to ASIC with easicopy

eASIC introduced easicopy, which provides OEMs with a seamless path from an eASIC Nextreme or Nextreme-2 NEW ASIC to a, cell-based, easicopy ASIC. easicopy ASIC increases performance, and reduces device cost and power consumption. The easicopy ASIC migration product supports ASIC migrations from 90nm eASIC Nextreme and 45nm eASIC Nextreme-2 families to cell-based ASICs from foundries like Fujitsu Semiconductor and GLOBAL FOUNDRIES.

eASIC easicopy ASIC - seamless path from a eASIC Nextreme or Nextreme-2 NEW ASIC to a, cell-based, easicopy ASIC

easicopy ASIC Highlights

  • ASIC migration product that provides custom chip designers with a simple, low-risk migration path from eASIC Nextreme and Nextreme-2 NEW ASICs to cell-based ASIC devices
  • OEMs can further reduce device cost and power consumption, or increase performance
  • Enables OEMs to migrate to lower cost easicopy cell-based ASIC when designs ramp to extremely high volumes
  • Easicopy ideal after Nextreme series design has been proven and is profitably ramping in production
  • Easicopy solution takes care of tasks like DFT insertion, ATPG, I/O ring and power mesh design, clock tree synthesis, package design, routing, extraction, IR drop and formal verification
  • If required, eASIC engineers can create drop-in replacement packages for easicopy ASIC — no need to re-spin and re-qual PCB
  • Designers have a choice of fabs where easicopy ASIC can be built
  • OEMs continue to profitably ramp in production with the Nextreme series design while migrating the design to easicopy

More info: eASIC easicopy ASIC (pdf)