Design Automation Conference Focuses on Embedded Systems and Software

One-third of this year’s Design Automation Conference will focus on embedded systems and software. DAC 2011 will feature a dedicated Embedded System and Software (ESS) Executive Day, embedded theater teardowns and presentations, a zone for ESS vendors on the exhibit floor, panels, special sessions, User Track presentations, keynotes, tutorials, and workshops. The 48th Design Automation Conference will take place at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California, from June 5-10, 2011.

Embedded System and Software Executive Day
Technical program includes workshops, user track sessions, tutorials (including an Android development boot camp and iPhone apps beginner guide), panels, pavilion panels, special sessions, and research paper sessions on embedded topics

Embedded Theater
Features presentations by all ESS Zone exhibitors plus product teardowns presented by iHS iSuppli of tablet design, WiMax vs. LTE, set-top boxes, and human-machine interface-centric design

Include Up Close and Personal with Steve Wozniak, Megatrends Driving Embedded Multicore Innovation, and four case studies presented in Case Studies in Systems and Software

ESS Zone Exhibitors

  • ARM
  • CoFluent Design
  • IBM
  • Laflin / Instigate
  • National Instruments
  • ProximusDA
  • STM Products / EDALabs
  • Vayavya Labs
  • Carbon Design Systems
  • Cortus
  • iHS iSuppli
  • Mentor Embedded
  • Freescale Semiconductor
  • MIPS Technologies
  • NetLogic Microsystems
  • Texas Instruments

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