OneSpin Quantify MDV Formal Metric-driven Verification Solution

OneSpin Solutions introduced Quantify MDV, which is an enhancement to the OneSpin 360 MV product family. The Quantify MDV formal metric-driven verification (MDV) solution automatically analyzes and measures formal verification progress and quality in register transfer level (RTL) designs. Quantify MDV is available now as part of the standard 360 MV product line, which starts at $25,000 for a one-year time-based license.

Quantify MDV Features

  • Provides precise feedback throughout a project
  • Gives engineers and project management the metrics needed to determine how far along they are in formal verification
  • Analyzes and tracks RTL code and assertions throughout the design space
  • Identifies both verified and unverified RTL code
  • Shows engineers at a glance exactly where to put assertions to fill the verification holes
  • Analyzes constraints to identify over-constraining
  • Eliminates the need to simulate assertions to detect over-constraining
  • Identifies redundant code, verification code, and dead code
  • Quantify MDV’s formal verification metrics can be integrated with testbench metrics
  • Can be used at any stage in the project — from early verification of RTL sub-blocks to complete block and inter-block connectivity verification, to block design handoff
  • At any point, engineers can trade off accuracy and runtime
  • Enables formal verification to be integrated into the verification team’s overall MDV flow
  • Can output formal metric data in HTML format and for the Unified Coverage Database (UCDB)
  • Verification engineers now can view both formal and testbench progress metrics simultaneously in an integrated report
  • Output can be programmed to be compatible with other database formats
  • Supports SystemVerilog Assertions (SVA) for both structural and operation-based assertions

More info: OneSpin Solutions Quantify MDV (pdf)