Si2 OpenAccess Scripting Language Workshop

The Silicon Integration Initiative will co-locate their OpenAccess Scripting Language Workshop at the Design Automation Conference. The Si2 workshop will be will be held on June 6, from 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm in Room 29AB in the San Diego Convention Center. Si2 is offering the OpenAccess Scripting Language Workshop free of charge. The DAC workshop is intended for chip design engineers who want to interact with OpenAccess programs or data in scripting languages (such as Tcl, Perl, Python, Ruby), either integrated with native C++ code or as stand-alone programs.

OpenAccess Scripting Language Workshop Topics

  • How to use API’s in writing scripts to:
    • Manage a design process / sub-process
    • Create quick tools for custom functions with minimal performance degradation
    • Create tools to perform “what if” evaluations as part of a design effort
  • The architecture of the OpenAccess Scripting (OAS) interfaces for four scripting languages:
    • Perl – a procedural, syntax-rich language used for fast prototyping
    • Tcl – a simple, command-based syntax used since 1993, supporting events, multiple interpreters, and OS-level threading
    • Python – a mostly object-oriented language with garbage collection, operator overloading, reflection, free functions, closures, lists, iterators, and list comprehensions
    • Ruby – an object-oriented language with garbage collection, operator overloading, reflection, access control, closures, and blocks
  • Procedures:
    • Download the OAS package
    • Install and build an OAS interface in the user’s environment
  • Use of the OAS interfaces with detailed programming examples from the scripting language versions of the C++ Labs in the Si2 OpenAccess API Tutorial

More info: Silicon Integration Initiative (Si2)