Kozio ValidationAssistant for Embedded System Verification

Kozio introduced ValidationAssistant, which is a unified, interactive, embedded hardware verification environment. Kozio ValidationAssistant uses an interpreter that runs directly on the processor of the target device. The tool simplifies hardware control, automates test execution, and maintains test cases in a structure that maximizes reuse across the entire product life cycle: engineering, production, and field test. The ValidationAssistant verification environment is available now.

Kozio ValidationAssistant embedded hardware verification environment

ValidationAssistant Features

  • Convenient, fast and common method for validating and programming components on the target device through the click of a mouse
  • Remote access to any target-resident kDiagnostics, across any network connection (serial, USB, Ethernet, etc)
  • Control entire testing process (not just individual testing) at any location, from your desk
  • Easily customized for interactive use
  • Modify existing test configurations, or add new ones
  • Eliminate development of custom code that’s not mission-critical to application success
  • Applied to all hardware diagnostics, a common non-intrusive and test-focused user interface makes troubleshooting power available everywhere
  • Visibility into the entire process
  • Real-time test execution and control reduces validation time
  • Hardware status always available
  • Interacts with any Device Under Test (DUT) executing Kozio’s bare-metal In-System Diagnostics software
  • Easily accessible high level commands customized for each specific design
  • Accelerates the control and execution of functional board-level tests
  • Through a single command, an entire board can be tested within minutes, at the hardware’s full operating speed
  • Command-sets for each new design are automatically loaded through a structured file
  • Eliminates the need to learn different commands, options, or user interfaces
  • Exposes all levels of test options including: suites, diagnostics, test methods and low-level commands
  • Key aspects of the hardware design are automatically validated
  • Regression testing is supported to uncover any new errors after changes have been made to the hardware
  • Uses an interpreter that runs directly on the processor of the target device

More info: Kozio ValidationAssistant (pdf)