Wind River Simics v4.6 Simulator

Wind River announced version 4.6 of their Simics full system simulator. Simics can simulate the functional behavior of the target hardware, from a single processor to large, complex, and connected electronic systems. Simics 4.6 features the ability to debug software applications that expand over multiple boards, increases team collaboration, and enables target system visualization and surveillance. Wind River Simics v4.6 will be available by the end of this month.

Wind River Simics 4.6 full system simulator

Wind River Simics 4.6 Features

  • Capability to debug software applications that expand over multiple boards
  • Enables target system visualization and surveillance
  • Integrated Eclipse source code debugging
  • Takes advantage of Simics’ reverse execution capability and operating system awareness
  • Covers heterogeneous target systems, including system-wide, high-level applications
  • Enables effective team collaboration by making it possible to easily share a complete electronic system and its entire state
  • Increases efficiency and accelerates software development and testing
  • New collaboration enhancements help teams that are geographically or functionally separated to collaborate more efficiently
  • Allows target system visualization and surveillance
  • Customizable graphical output allows for virtual representation of the end system’s interface and visual runtime status
  • Makes it easier to expose key features, engage early with end-users and to supervise and understand the behavioral aspects of the target
  • Runs any target software, including any commercial or in-house operating system
  • Runs the same target software as what runs on the physical hardware
  • Supports a variety of hardware architectures, including ARM, Intel, MIPS and Power Architecture

More info: Wind River Simics v4.6