Synopsys CustomExplorer Ultra for Mixed Signal Verification

Synopsys introduced their CustomExplorer Ultra mixed-signal verification environment. CustomExplorer Ultra is a comprehensive regression and analysis environment. It increases verification productivity and streamlines the verification process for analog and mixed-signal designs. Synopsys CustomExplorer Ultra is part of their Discovery Verification Platform. The CustomExplorer Ultra mixed-signal verification environment is available now.

Synopsys CustomExplorer Ultra Features

  • Comprehensive regression and analysis environment
  • Increases verification productivity
  • Streamlines the verification process for analog and mixed-signal designs
  • Seamlessly integrated with the CustomSim/VCS mixed-signal verification solution
  • Multiple testbench and corner configurations can easily be set up
  • Simulation jobs are automatically queued and submitted to the server farm
  • Simulation job distribution and monitoring provides real-time status of multiple jobs running on multiple machines
  • Simulation results are collected, processed and presented in a spreadsheet-style display
  • Pass/fail results are indicated in the display
  • Results can be filtered by design, design variables, equation results, or equation expressions
  • Waveform Compare technology can be used to compare simulation results to a known-good waveform
  • Debug environment offers complete SPICE linting, design hierarchy file browsing, signal tracing, and cross-probing between netlists, waveforms and interactively-generated connection visualization
  • Integrated with Custom WaveView (included)
  • Enables waveform cross-probing and waveform measurements
  • Netlists can be imported from a variety of heterogeneous sources and assembled into a single simulation netlist for verification using the configuration manager
  • Supports SPICE, Verilog, Verilog-A, Verilog-AMS and SystemVerilog

More info: Synopsys