Mentor Graphics Eldo Premier SPICE Simulator

Mentor Graphics launched the Eldo Premier SPICE simulation tool. The Eldo Premier tool accelerates the simulation of large circuits for both pre- and post-layout through the use of proprietary, advanced resolution techniques. Eldo Premier tool features full SPICE accuracy, up to 20X higher performance and 10X better capacity over traditional SPICE. The Eldo Premier tool is available now. The Mentor tool is ideal for applications requiring CPU-intensive transient simulations, such as TFT panels, PLLs and DLLs, frequency synthesizers, delta-sigma converters, ADC/DAC audio and video converters, automotive circuits, DC-DC converters, regulators, power management circuits, and memory-critical path analysis.

Mentor Graphics Eldo Premier simulation for a PLL

Mentor Eldo Premier Simulator Features

  • 2.5x to 20x speed-up over traditional SPICE simulators
  • 10x the capacity of traditional SPICE simulators
  • 10 million transistors capacity
  • Natively parallel code improves performance on multi-core machines
  • Unique algebraic techniques for the resolution of non-linear differential equations
  • Same SPICE accurate results as Eldo Classic
  • Uses the same use model as Eldo Classic
  • Tight integrations to IC design frameworks from Mentor Graphics and Cadence Design Systems maximize productivity
  • Can be easily integrated into an existing customer signoff flow
  • Will support the Questa ADMS product for mixed-signal verification (including support of VHDL/Verilog and VHDL-AMS/Verilog-AMS descriptions)
Mentor Graphics Eldo Premier SPICE Simulator

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