Cadence Virtuoso IC 6.1.5 Webinar

Cadence Design Systems and ClioSoft is offering a webinar about the major new enhancements in Virtuoso IC 6.1.5. The webcast will explain how parasitic-aware design and HCM techniques can help accelerate time to market. The event is titled, Cadence Virtuoso (IC 6.1.5) Technologies, Parasitic-aware Design Flow and Design Management. The one-hour online seminar will take place Thursday, April 14th, 2011 at 11:00 am Pacific time. The webcast is ideal for CAD engineers/managers and analog, mixed-signal, custom IC design and layout engineers/managers.

Cadence Virtuoso Webcast Topics

  • Enhancements in Virtuoso (IC6.1.5) technologies
  • Introduction to the parasitic-aware design flow
  • Coming soon to Virtuoso
  • Design management status in Virtuoso (IC 6.1.5) Library Manager
  • Hardware configuration management for Virtuoso
  • Visually compare versions of schematics or layouts
  • Q & A

Webcast Overview

The latest Cadence Virtuoso-based custom/analog flow (based on the Open Access database) has been making big strides as adoption has increased rapidly. The latest release (IC 6.1.5) has exciting new enhancements to support the Cadence approach to Silicon Realization. These include some core enhancements to design management in recognition of the increased size and distributed nature of design teams.

Register: Cadence Virtuoso (IC 6.1.5) Technologies, Parasitic-aware Design Flow & Design Management