National Electronics Week 2011

National Electronics Week 2011 will take place April 12-13 in Birmingham. The NEW:UK conference will focus on embedded systems and software, rapid prototyping, component manufacturing, component distribution, power supplies, capital equipment, PCB equipment manufacturers and services, and board manufacturers. The first 5000 qualified pre-registered visitors for NEW:UK will also be able to attend the Gadget Show Live on the trade and press day (April 12, 2011).

NEW:UK 2011 Seminars

  • The growing movement in open source hardware
  • Untapped potential — increasing the opportunities for people with disability in the electronics sector
  • RoHS recast and REACH update
  • How we reinvented the oscilloscope — a technical overview of our breakthrough architecture
  • Expand your Horizons the Benefits of Training
  • Rapid prototyping for microcontrollers
  • Advanced manufacturing for the electronics industry
  • Optimizing Operating Time of Battery Powered devices — New Innovation Dramatically Improves Battery Current Drain Measurement Accuracy
  • Lowest price, highest performance, broadest range of Cortex M MCU’s — What can I do with that?
  • Safely from Conception to Completion
  • SURFENERGY — Project overview and Energy Management Systems
  • The SURFENERGY Energy Efficiency Advisor
  • Energy benchmarking and auditing in PCB manufacturing
  • Energy Efficiency Best Practice Guide
  • Ultrasonically enhanced desmear process
  • Adding life cycle visibility to electronic products with embedded RFID within the PCB
  • Novel interconnect work supported by the IeMRC
  • The future for PCB manufacturing and the Internet
  • High Density Interconnect Now and in the Future

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