Tensilica Xtensa LX4 Dataplane Processing Unit IP Core

The Xtensa LX4 DPU (dataplane processing unit), from Tensilica, features local data memory bandwidth of up to 1024 bits per cycle, wider VLIW (very long instruction word) instructions up to 128 bits for increased parallel processing, and a cache memory prefetch option for reducing cycle counts. The base Xtensa LX4 DPU can reach speeds of over 1 GHz in 45 nm process technology (45GS) with an area of just 0.044 mm2. The configurable and extensible Xtensa LX4 DPU is available now. The IP core is ideal for handling complex compute-intensive DSP applications where an RTL implementation may be the only other option.

Tensilica Xtensa LX4 DPU (dataplane processing unit) IP core

Xtensa LX4 DPU Highlights

  • Backwards-compatible ISA
  • Fundamentally architected for extensibility
  • Base instruction set of 80 instructions
  • All optional blocks are still available
  • Any differentiating designer-defined instructions written in 1999 can be re-used today
  • Multiple custom width I/O ports for peripheral control and monitoring
  • Multiple custom width queue interfaces to FIFOs for data streaming into and out of the processor
  • Co-simulation with RTL down to the pin level in SystemC
  • Optional processor interface (PIF) to system bus, choice of 32-, 64-, or 128-bit width with in-bound slave DMA option
  • Up to 128b wide instructions and up to two 512b wide load/stores and hardware prefetch unit
  • Write buffer: selectable from 1-32 entries
  • Optional second data Load/Store unit
  • Optional AMBA AXI and AHB-Lite bridges with synchronous or asynchronous clocking
  • Choice of 1-, 2- or 4-way cache and/or local memories
  • Up to 32 interrupts
  • Supports Mentor Graphics Nucleus+, Express Logic’s ThreadX, Micrium’s uC/OS-II, Tata Elxsi’s Ro-SES , and Linux operating systems
  • Optional pre-defined execution units
    • 32-bit multiplier and/or 16-bit multiplier and MAC
    • Integer divider
    • ConnX Vectra LX DSP with 4-way SIMD and one or two Load/Store units
    • ConnX D2 DSP
    • ConnX BBE16 baseband DSP
    • ConnX BBE64 baseband DSP
    • HiFi 2 and HiFi EP Audio DSPs
    • Single-precision floating point unit
    • Double-precision floating point acceleration

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