Sunstone Circuits PCB123 v4.1 Circuit Board Design Software

Sunstone Circuits released version 4.1 of the PCB123 circuit board design software. PCB123 version 4.1 makes the prototyping process faster, easier and more accurate, from project concept to PCB delivery. The latest version of Sunstone Circuits’ PCB design tool has been configured into an even more user-friendly and intuitive resource for design engineers.

PCB123 v4.1 CAD Tool Features

  • New Schematic Editor
  • Makes the prototyping process faster, easier and more accurate
  • More user-friendly and intuitive
  • Seamless synchronization of layout and schematic views
  • Offers engineers more flexibility and reliability during the PCB design process
  • Enhanced integration between design and layout views has resulted in a fully industrial-grade tool
  • Optimized graphics to help create faster and cleaner drawings

More info: PCB123 Design Software