POLYTEDA One-Shot DRC Processing and Fine-Grain Physical Verification

POLYTEDA Software introduced One-Shot DRC processing and Fine-Grain Physical Verification (fgPV) for dealing with design densities and process complexities of nanoscale deep sub-wavelength process technologies. One-Shot DRC processing is different from hierarchical and traditional flat DRC processing. One-Shot takes all layers, and all rules associated with those layers, and processes them in one shot. For a given number of objects in a design, the architecture of One-Shot DRC is unique in producing predictable and almost linear runtime performance.

One-Shot DRC Processing Highlights

  • Processes layers and all rules associated with those layers in one shot
  • Enables accurate processing of complex checks across hierarchical boundaries in other DRC tools
  • Enables accurate DRC with fast and uniquely predictable runtimes
  • The more objects to be processed, the better the performance advantage compared to the hierarchical DRC tools
  • Makes up the essential components of POLYTEDA’s new fgPV technology platform
  • PowerDRC and PowerLVS are based on One-Shot processing and the FGPV technology platform
  • Developed for nanometer geometries of the deep sub-wavelength process technologies
  • XactCheck rule coding language designed to code complex rules

More info: POLYTEDA Software