Calibre RealTime Features Instant Signoff Verification

Mentor Graphics introduced the Calibre RealTime platform. The tool offers signoff verification on demand inside the custom/AMS design creation process. Custom and analog designers can now verify and optimize designs against Calibre signoff decks while editing layouts. With Calibre RealTime, designers can improve both design speed and the quality of results. Calibre RealTime can eliminate the divergence between design tool checking and signoff and make custom designers more productive.

Mentor Graphics Calibre RealTime platform

Mentor Graphics Calibre RealTime Highlights

  • First release provides instantaneous design rule checking (DRC) in the SpringSoft Laker custom IC design and layout solution
  • Support for the Mentor IC Station custom design environment will be available in June
  • Uses standard foundry-qualified Calibre rule decks
  • Built-in error review toolbar enhances ease of use
  • Automatically runs Calibre nmDRC when edits are made in layout
  • OpenAccess run-time model enables integration with most custom design environments
  • Employs in-memory checking to ensure best performance
  • User-defined custom filters tied to layout interface
  • Complements existing built-in checkers
  • Allows interactive editing of custom/AMS designs based on Calibre signoff rule decks, ensuring DRC-clean designs
  • Provides instantaneous feedback on DRC violations during layout creation and editing, enabling quick and accurate correction of the most complex configurations
  • Enables more design optimization during layout creation, resulting in better quality and higher performance
  • Reduces overall design cycle time by eliminating verification iterations
  • Increases designer productivity by providing more time and information during the design creation process
  • Runs within the custom design tool as an integral part of design creation flow

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