Mantracourt Digital Strain Gauge to USB Convertor

Mantracourt introduced the Strain Gauge to USB Converter (DSCUSB). The Strain Gauge to USB Converter is a digital signal conditioner with USB connectivity. It converts a strain gauge sensor input to a digital USB serial output. The DSCUSB is targeted at applications requiring high accuracy measurement. The DSCUSB is ideal for all strain gauge bridge based sensors, such as strain, weight, load, force, torque, pressure and displacement. Mantracourt also offers the digital strain gauge in an OEM format for companies looking to integrate the DSCUSB into their own systems.

Mantracourt Digital Strain Gauge to USB Converter (DSCUSB)

Strain Gauge to USB Convertor Features

  • Combines miniature precision strain-gauge conditioning amplifier and an analogue-to-digital converter with a USB serial interface
  • Compact USB load cell signal converter for easy USB strain gauge and load cell data acquisition
  • Compact desk format powered from USB
  • Converts a conventional load cell to a USB load cell
  • Strain gauge data acquisition for all bridge input sensors (weight, pressure, force, torque)
  • High resolution 1 part in 400,000 (18-bit)
  • Can communicate with multiple USB sensors
  • OEM pcb version available
  • Five-point temperature compensation
  • Seven-point transducer linearisation algorithms
  • Can be programmed to produce an output in engineering units
  • Real mV/V calibration may be applied
  • Onboard shunt calibration resistor
  • Resolution is selectable to one part in 66,000
  • Can be programmed to take up to 500 points per second, with programmable peak-and-trough recording built in
  • Standard Windows DLLs for both native USB and virtual serial port communications with the modules
  • Ideal for portable test applications
  • Enclosed within a rugged metal case for all indoor environments

More info: Mantracourt