Socrates Bitwise SoC Register Management Tool

Socrates Bitwise is a register management tool that captures IP or system registers, memories and memory-maps and auto-generates a vast array of design collateral including hardware, software and verification code and documentation. Bitwise is part of the Socrates integration platform, which offers a correct-by-construction approach to IP standardization, system integration and flow automation that will transform the quality and efficiency of your SoC designs. Socrates Bitwise is also now available for evaluation in the cloud. Duolog Bitwise Lab is free for Xuropa members.

Socrates Bitwise register management tool - Duolog Technologies

Duolog SoC Socrates Bitwise Features

  • Single-source repository for all register and memory-map data
  • Full-scope IP packaging including ports and interfaces
  • Supports hierarchical systems and memory-maps
  • Import/export IP-XACT, Excel and other legacy formats
  • Advanced register/bitfield configurations
  • Configurable and extensible register access types
  • Data-model extension via user-defined properties
  • Comprehensive DRC to ensure data coherency
  • Multiple out-of-the-box generators including documentation, TLM, RTL, verification and software views
  • Fully customizable, template-based generators
  • High performance, professional and scalable Eclipse-based tool
  • Runs natively on Windows and Linux platforms
  • Saves time by generating all common design views
  • Increases quality with a vast range of coherency checks
  • Enables reuse of IP, sub-systems or platforms
  • Allows earlier SW integration
  • Fast-tracks IP and SoC system-level validation
  • Immediate turnaround for system changes
  • Flexible and customizable generation framework
  • Complexity-based licensing to suit all design types and sizes

More info: Socrates Bitwise Cloud Lab