Vector Fabrics vfEmbedded Cloud-based Tool for Embedded Systems

Vector Fabrics introduced the vfEmbedded cloud-based tool. vfEmbedded enables embedded systems engineers to easily partition and map their software onto complex multicore platforms. The tool will be available as a cloud-based software service on March 1st. vfEmbedded can be accessed with a standard web browser. Pricing starts at €450 per month. A free trial, including several example designs, is available. vfEmbedded is ideal for software designers trying to implement complex algorithms and codecs onto a given platform.

Vector Fabrics - vfEmbedded cloud-based tool

vfEmbedded Features

  • Analyzes, partitions, and maps software onto complex multicore platforms
  • Partitioning process identifies the sections of code that can be run, in parallel, across individual, and potentially different types of, processor cores
  • Estimates the performance of a parallelized software before implementing it
  • Trims any excess in hardware to reduce cost
  • Ensures all critical behaviors are exercised in the program
  • Implements a complex multicore program in days instead of months
  • Optimizes programs for complex, high-performance multicore platforms
  • Choice of parallelization strategies through a point and click user interface
  • Minimizes hardware bill of materials
  • Integrates and sees the effects of using hardware accelerators
  • Prevents waste of time on ineffective strategies
  • Enables rapid conclusions from an intuitive graphical user interface
  • Parallelizes programs having millions of lines of code
  • Provides a set of step-by-step instructions (referred to as a recipe) that can be implemented without introducing unexpected errors
  • Adjusts application through step-by-step implementation instructions generated by Recipes
  • Avoids introducing subtle, hard-to find bugs
  • Reduces up-front costs and risks through a simple subscription model
  • Works in a simple, secure, reliable way through the vfCloud environment
  • Heterogeneous platforms having non-uniform resources such as different processors and separate memories, and hardware accelerators are fully supported

More info: Vector Fabrics