2011 Design, Automation & Test in Europe (DATE) Conference

The Design, Automation & Test in Europe Conference features technical presentations, tutorials, panel discussions and user testimonials. DATE 2011 event includes dedicated areas for system level design, hardware design/electronic design automation, robust design and yield, and working silicon hardware prototypes and applications. The DATE 2011 Conference and Exhibition will take place March 14-18th in Grenoble, France.

DATE 2011 Conference Topics

  • Logic Synthesis and Place and Route: After 20 Years of Engagement, Wedding in View?
  • Addressing Critical Power Management Verification Issues in Low Power Designs
  • Power Formats: Beyond UPF and CPF
  • Architectures for Online Error Detection and Recovery in Multicore Processors
  • Virtual Manycore Platforms: Moving Towards 100+ Processor Cores
  • Embedded Software Debug and Test
  • Foundations of Component-Based Design for Embedded Systems
  • Predictable System Integration
  • Flows, Application and Future of Component-based Design for Embedded Systems
  • Communication Networks in Next Generation Automobiles
  • Sub-Wave Length Lithography and Variability Aware Test and Characterisation Methods
  • Die Stacking Goes Mobile and Embedded
  • State of the Art Verification Methodologies in 2015
  • New Frontiers in Embedded Systems Design: Technology and Applications
  • Stochastic Circuit Reliability Analysis in Nanometer CMOS
  • Sustainability through Massively Integrated Computing: Are We Ready to Break the Energy Efficiency Wall for Single-Chip Platforms?
  • Synthesis Supported Increase of Efficiency in Analogue Design

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