New and Improved: Altia Design 9.2, PhotoProto 2.0 and FlowProto 1.5

Altia rolled out Altia Design 9.2 DeepScreen 6.0, PhotoProto 2.0 and FlowProto 1.5 HMI engineering tools for embedded systems. The tools enable engineers to build user interface models. Altia Design 9.2 DeepScreen 6.0 now supports targets like OpenGL ES 2.x, OpenVG and Linux Framebuffer. FlowProto 1.5 pulls logic and structure out of Microsoft Visio and converts it to XML. PhotoProto 2.0 now features enhanced exporting options, integration capabilities with other tools and improved animation capabilities.

Altia Design 9.2 + DeepScreen 6.0 Features

  • Supports more targets, like OpenGL ES 2.x, OpenVG, and Linux Framebuffer
  • Full support for Microsoft Windows 7, XP and Vista
  • Enhanced support for Language Object, Distort, Skin Object and Snapshot Object
  • Improved animation capabilities on low-end platforms
  • More capabilities for low-cost targets
  • API has been improved to allow more simultaneous connections and more robust Unicode performance
  • More flexible storage options for deeply embedded software
  • New program group icons make for easier Unicode development
  • Altia API libraries for Unicode application development now support up to 50 simultaneous connections to Altia Design or Altia Runtime
  • Better compatibility with Visual Studio 2005/2008 compilers

PhotoProto 2.0 Features

  • Simplified Export Options makes exporting assets to Altia Design easier
  • Improved integration with FlowProto allowing for maximized workflow across teams and tools
  • Compartmentalized control code makes PhotoProto output more readily deployed into complex models
  • Enhanced deck animations and greater animation accessibility from external code

FlowProto 1.5 Features

  • Test flowcharts for accuracy and completeness
  • Convert behavior to C code and run on hardware
  • Pull logic and graphics output into the Altia tool chain for further development

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